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The Australian plantation grown Radiata pine used in our solid timber walling system is a sustainable environment material which even after kiln drying and machining is a low energy material requiring approximately one quarter of the processing energy of a 100mm brick.

Our solid timber homes are a very efficient carbon store when you consider 1 hectare of pine plantation is the equivalent “as a carbon store” to 1100 hectares of sub-tropical rain forest. Every home we build helps combat the “green house” effect.

Solid walled timber construction also creates a healthy environment due not only to the superb acoustic and insulation qualities of timber but also to the very low potential static electricity due to having no steel frame or silicon crystals normally present in brick work.

When the solid 45mm wall planks are combined with insulation, air cavities and external half planks they create the Timberset Thermo Wall (as illustrated below) giving you an insulation rating of R-2.7 on the external wall. With ceiling insulation of R-3.5 Earthwool batts combined with the Thermo Wall system, you get an extremely well insulated home dramatically reducing heating and cooling costs of your home.