The Timberset building system was created by a qualified civil engineer and owes its development to the designer’s love for timber and the need for a simple and easy method of construction for owner builders. Early in the 1980’s Timberset Homes Pty Ltd was started primarily to supply quality kit homes to owner builder’s right across Australia. Since then we have started offering to our Victorian customers the option of having there homes built for them by Timberset’s own qualified builders.

The Timberset building system was designed around the use of aluminium columns and 45mm wall planks, this system has never changed. In recent years we have however made some changes to other parts of the home, making them more ascetically appealing, energy efficient and requiring less long term maintenance .

Originally our wall planks where machined from CCA treated pine (Green-pine) making the homes appear quite dark inside. Now the wall planks are machined from natural pine giving them the natural light pine colour making the homes lighter and more ascetically appealing.

We now insulate the external walls by adding to the existing 45mm plank and aluminium column wall, 2 air cavities, a 10mm foil board and an external half plank. The new insulated wall system is described in more detail in “Health & Environment”.

Homes that are built on concrete stumps and sheet flooring now have R-1.5 polyester batt insulation installed in the sub-floor as standard.   

We have changed from timber windows which require regular maintenance and painting to powder coated aluminium windows and sliding doors, you still have the available option of having timber windows if you choose.