Fabulous prefabrication – the future is here

Prefabricated construction makes up a significant share of the new home construction market in Europe and in other large economies. Popularity has been growing and is projected to grow further in the years to come.

Australia’s building industry has been lagging behind, due in part to the time it has taken to shift peoples perceptions. Once considered akin to cheap dongas, the prefab home building market has slowly but surely demonstrated that you can build efficiently and to a high standard. In fact, tree hugging consumers are starting to realise that this form of building is the most sustainable way to build a new home.

Prefabrication essentially means that aspects of the building are built in a factory environment, comprising anything from components prepared in advance, right up to fully constructed modules that are transported to site and assembled together in a matter of days.

There’s a number of benefits to prefabrication, including:

  • Quicker build time; not just because the process is efficient, but because you avoid some of the interruptions on site, such as waiting for trades to show up and delays caused by weather
  • A controlled factory environment with precision equipment ensures a high level of quality control
  • It provides a safer, more controlled workplace, and avoids fatigue and costs associated with travel to remote locations
  • There’s good utilisation of raw materials, meaning that overall there’s less waste
  • Plus there’s the potential to disassemble, relocate and reuse
  • And you’ll be popular with your neighbours, who will be grateful you’ve minimised the impact to site and significantly reduced the noise, dust and disruption that often accompanies new builds

The value proposition for prefab is greatest in the hands of the right builder / manufacturer. There is no better way of ensuring your new home has minimised its imprint on the earth, both during the build, and over the life of the home, than by combining efficiencies of prefabrication with thermally effective design and careful choice of materials and finishes.

Made with responsibly sourced timber, which stores carbon for life, our beautiful solid timber homes have been built all over Australia for over 30 years. Our unique system of interlocking 45mm timber planks already requires prefabrication in-part, but with a clear vision of the future we recently set out to develop a new range of homes that can be fully prefabricated in our factory and shipped to site for easy assembly, leveraging the strength and rigidity of our structural wall system. The result is the new Timberset Modern Modular range.

Our new range has something to suit every taste and every budget. The modern and contemporary designs are sure to have wide appeal and will look equally fitting, whether in a city, rural, bush or beach setting.

In developing this new range we took the opportunity to improve on our system, so we can offer superior insulation options. We also invited our friends at Enduring Domain Architecture to create a few innovative designs with sustainable living in mind. Combining design features with the upgraded Timberset thermal performance attributes takes these homes to an amazing 8 star energy rating.

We’ve been beavering away for the past 12 months, working on system improvements, looking for the best materials and developing new designs. Now we’re ready to take the leap into the future and we can’t wait for you to see what we have to offer.


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