Your new home build just got cheaper, thanks to the HomeBuilder grant

It’s understandable that people are feeling a bit nervous about the COVID crisis and what that might mean for the future. However, with many deciding they’ll wait and watch what happens, instead of proceeding with their building plans, the Government has recognised the need to encourage people to move forward by offering a generous incentive.

Effective from June 4 and running through to the end of 2020, the federal Government’s HomeBuilder scheme is being offered to help stimulate the economy, especially the building industry that has been heavily impacted by the COVID crisis. But this will not only help home owners and the builder industry, but will also be crucial in putting money into the economy to smooth out the recovery.

On offer is a $25k grant to use on new home builds and major home renovations. There’s no cap on the number of grants offered over the period, but there are rules regarding how the grants are to be used and who is eligible.

So now that you know that there’s no need to sit on the fence with your plans, the question is how will you use this boost to your building budget?

As a builder of sustainable and environmentally friendly homes we recommend investing in ways to improve the energy efficiency and livability of your home. For instance, upgrading to the ECO inclusions with superior insulation will enhance the thermal effectiveness of any design (potentially up to 8 stars). You won’t regret putting it all towards the best possible windows to get an improved outcome too. Or add solar panels or energy efficient appliances for reduced reliance on the grid. Most importantly, check the design is right for your site and integrates passive solar principles as much as possible.

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