Sustainable Style

Sustainable home design
for every building style imaginable.

Choose any stylish home option from the Timberset Range, from our traditional Classic home timber range, to our new Modern and Modern ECO ranges. There's a floor plan and home style that suits your building site, your needs and your budget.

Want to build something unique, or customised for purpose? Timberset Architectural can work with our Architects or yours, to deliver a speculator, sustainable and appropriate building.


Sustainability is a priority in Timberset's Modern ECO buildings. Delivering the highest efficiency rating possible within a stylish and modern profile.

Architecturally designed and pre-built to deliver efficiency throughout the buildings life building philosophy.  Build a wonderful, sustainable and efficient building.


A new range style that will change the way you perceive a pre-built home or cabin. 

Showcasing the very latest in modern materials and delivering excellence in thermal performance, with the ability to achieve an amazing 8 star energy efficiency, whilst still minimising environmental impact and using sustainable building practices.


Choose from a range of popular classic designs and floor plans in single and double storey, it's easy to find the one that suits your needs and your budget.

Timberset’s Classic range offers an affordable way for you to enjoy an energy efficient and comfortable home, that’s healthy for you healthy for you and good for the planet.

Healthy home interiors, full of natural light and warmth

A unique and wonderful feature of all Timberset homes is the interior, featuring the timber of the structural walls.

This provide a calming and healthy environment that has proven health benefits and can be styled in many ways. Below are some examples of the tint finishes that can be applied.

At Timberset we’re inspired by Nordic / Scandinavian influences, where light colours and functional spaces are complemented by the warmth of natural materials, such as timber.

Let’s create a wonderful Timberset home for you to enjoy.


Choose from a wide range of
internal colours for a stylish and heathly home.

These are just a small sample of the interior colours you can choose in a Timberset solid timber home. Don't be concerned you’ll have too much timber in your home. You can mix and match with traditional plasterboard, tiles, glass. Any modern finish can be applied to a Timberset wall system thanks to its sturdy design.

White Tea
Ash Grey
City Stone