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Fabulous prefabrication – the future is here

Fabulous prefabrication – the future is here
Prefabricated construction makes up a significant share of the new home construction market in Europe and in other large economies. Popularity has been growing and is projected to grow further in the years to come. Australia’s building industry has been lagging behind, due in part to the time it has...

Modern new range designed for sustainable living

Modern new range designed for sustainable living
It’s an exciting time here at Timberset as we prepare to exhibit at the 2019 HIA HomeShow (May 2 to May 5), where we’ll launch our new Modern range of homes. They’re sure to captivate, with cutting edge designs that epitomise sustainable living. Timberset homes have always been naturally good,...

Nature knows best

Ever heard of Biophilia? It sounds like a disease, but it’s not going to make you unwell. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It could be the secret to your wellness, your inspiration, your productivity and your overall happiness. Bio (nature or life) philia (attraction to) describes our innate attraction...