Energy Efficient

8-Star Energy Rating

Any new residential building now requires a 6 star energy rating. Timberset's new modern range of homes, not only uses sustainable materials and practices when building your project, but also is able to achieve an amazing 8 star energy rating, reducing your energy use and energy costs throughout the life of the home.

energy efficient homes

Whilst standard with Timberset’s ECO range of homes, all features are available for any home design. As such Timberset can ensure your home is as energy efficient, eco friendly and healthy as possible.

Achieving 8-Star Energy Ratings


Timberset’s ECO range of homes have been designed to be energy efficient, minimising reliance on artificial forms of heating and cooling. Key energy features of the ECO designs include:

Orienting the design as intended, the living areas face north, enabling windows to capture sunlight during the winter months, whilst providing adequate shelter from the sun in summer

Minimise windows on the west side, protecting the home from the hot sun and cold weather fronts

Thermal Performance

With thick solid timber structural walls, Timberset homes are naturally well insulated. For the ECO range of homes additional insulation is included as standard, ensuring superior thermal performance. Features include:

Timberset’s exclusive THERMO MAX R4 wall system is made up of 45mm thick timber structural walls, with 50mm thick PIR board insulation, wrapped in Proctor vapour permeable wall wrap prior to installation of external cladding of your choice.
Enclosed sub-floor insulated with R4 insulation and protected with vapour permeable wrap

R5 Earthwool insulation in the roof, with an anti-condensation blanket (R1.5) underneath the Colourbond roofing providing a total rating of R6.5


The size, position, glazing, opening style, and construction of windows has a big bearing on the thermal performance of a home. Timberset’s ECO homes come complete with the following low U rated energy efficient windows:

  • Dowell ThermaLine double glazed thermally broken windows and doors
Other Inclusions that can help achievement of 8 Stars
  • Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home, creating cooling airflow in the warmer months, and making your heating more effective in cooler months, pushing the warm air down into the living space. Timberset’s ECO range include ceiling fans in the living areas.
  • Breaches in the outer skin of a home can result in gaps where heating and cooling can escape, and external weather can come in. Timberset’s ECO range of downlights overcome this risk because they are surface mounted. These lights are also LED, so very effective and energy efficient
Why stop there? Whilst not necessarily helping with energy ratings the following inclusions help to create an energy efficient and healthy home

Energy efficient appliances are important considerations. Timberset’s ECO range include an electric induction cooktop as standard.

Heat pumps are the most cost effective option for hot water heating. The Stiebel Eltron water pump is included as standard in Timberset’s ECO range.

Standard tapware in Timberset’s ECO range are all WELS 5 star rated, ensuring conservation of precious water

Many building products and finishes can let off harmful emissions.

Timberset’s ECO range have carefully considered inclusions to ensure the health of the occupants, including low VOC paints and stains, and E0 cabinetry that looks great and is kind on the environment.