Our Story

The Timberset building system was created by a qualified civil engineer and owes its development to the designer’s love for timber and the need for a simple and easy method of construction for owner-builders. Early in the 1980’s Timberset Homes Pty Ltd was started, primarily to supply quality kit homes to owner-builders right across Australia. After a few years Timberset Homes started offering building services and went on to build hundreds of homes across Victoria.


The structural elements of the Timberset building system have changed little since it was originally conceived, featuring interlocking 45mm machined timber planks and aluminium columns at the joins, that make up the wall structure. Over the years the system has evolved with an emphasis on energy efficiency and insulation. The Timberset Thermo Wall provides an external layer over the structural timber wall, consisting of a 20mm air cavity, a layer of 10mm insulating foil board, followed by another 20mm air cavity, and finished with a final cladding (timber or other), providing an R rating of 2.7. Further improvements were applied to the insulation of the sub-floor and roof, ensuring standard Timberset buildings were high quality, energy efficient and comfortable to live in.


Throughout history there’s always been a very strong appeal to the exposed timber in a Timberset home. The structural walls provide a unique benefit, allowing you to feature timber throughout the home. It’s not uncommon for Timberset home owners to extend or build again using the system. It seems they understand that there’s more than just the aesthetics. Timber naturally breathes, regulating moisture and absorbing bacteria. There’s also many studies that confirm that we are more calm and creative when surrounded by timber. Living in a Timberset home is akin to a walk in nature.

In 2018 Brad, an experienced builder, joined forces with his mother, a commercial professional, to form Timberset Systems Pty Ltd, acquiring the intellectual property associated with Timberset. They see potential in utilising the system for a wide range of applications, including outbuildings and retaining wall systems. Their key focus though is on homes and cabins as a HIA Greensmart builder they wish to minimise the impact to the environment, keen to pre-manufacture / pre-fabricate where-ever possible. Both are passionate about sustainable design and building and excited to be offering the Classic range of homes and cabins, whilst also developing a new Modern range of designs that are focused on higher standards of energy performance and sustainable living. Brad and Vicky are injecting new energy and enthusiasm into Timberset and think you’ll be inspired by the new looks, smart designs and innovative approach. They look forward to building something wonderful for you.

We build homes in a wide range of designs and styles.