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Your new home build just got cheaper, thanks to the HomeBuilder grant

It's understandable that people are feeling a bit nervous about the COVID crisis and what that might mean for the future. However, with many deciding they'll wait and watch what happens, instead of proceeding with their building plans, the Government has recognised the need to encourage people to move forward...

Environmental responsibility

Timberset Homes – Building with environmental responsibility We’re proud to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. No green washing here. At Timberset we’re committed to building with environmental responsibility, taking care to minimise our impact through energy efficient design, environmentally friendly materials and sustainable building methods....

Sustainable architecture

Employing the services of an architect  ensures your new home suits your needs and lifestyle. Pick one who specialises in sustainable architecture and you can also be assured your home will be energy efficient, healthy to live in, and kind on the environment. (more…)

Fabulous prefabrication – the future is here

Prefabricated construction makes up a significant share of the new home construction market in Europe and in other large economies. Popularity has been growing and is projected to grow further in the years to come. Australia’s building industry has been lagging behind, due in part to the time it has...

Modern new range designed for sustainable living

Double module 2B concept enhanced no background
It’s an exciting time here at Timberset as we prepare to exhibit at the 2019 HIA HomeShow (May 2 to May 5), where we’ll launch our new Modern range of homes. They’re sure to captivate, with cutting edge designs that epitomise sustainable living. Timberset homes have always been naturally good,...

Nature knows best

Ever heard of Biophilia? It sounds like a disease, but it’s not going to make you unwell. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It could be the secret to your wellness, your inspiration, your productivity and your overall happiness. Bio (nature or life) philia (attraction to) describes our innate attraction...

Welcome to the wonderful world of Timberset

Welcome to Timberset. After much hard work and planning we’re here at last, launching our new Website and Facebook page, marking an important milestone for our new business. 2018 has been a big year for builder Brad Cosway and his mother, Vicky Rowe, commencing operations (Timberset Systems Pty Ltd), combining...

How we build

We build Sustainable Homes The future of sustainable building is pre-fabrication (or pre-manufacture). Timberset’s timber wall planks and other timber components are precisely machined in our specialist manufacturing facility for ease of construction on site. Where possible Timberset will pre-fabricate the entire house or cabin in-house and transport it for assembly on...

How to save money on heating costs with minimal outlay

Have you just shivered through winter, wondering why your heating costs were so high, yet you still couldn't keep warm? Don’t be too hasty in thinking your heater is on the blink. It could be your poorly insulated home. If your home is old and drafty it’s definitely going to be...