Modern Granny Flats

Modern Granny Flats or
Separate Dwellings

A Modern Granny Flat or Seperate Dwelling

Timberset’s Modern Granny range are perfect for the elderly looking for a comfortable modern dwelling that is functional and energy efficient. Equally suitable as additional accommodation for teenagers, B&B guests or as a creative arts studio, Timberset’s prefabricated dwellings provide a harmonious, inspirational and healthy living environment due to their solid timber construction. Unlike old-fashioned utilitarian style Granny Flats, Timberset offers exciting styles and contemporary finishes with a range of options for customisation.

Prefabricated Delivers Greater Precision and Efficiency

Prefabrication of the building in our specialist factory means it’s easy and quick to get your additional accommodation on-site with minimal delays. The preconstructed dwelling is built more accurately in a controlled construction environment and is then shipped to your site anywhere in Australia for final fitting, saving time, money and minimising any impact on the environment.

Private or Commercial Use

Timberset can supply single dwellings for the private buyer or multiple versions to suit numerous commercial projects such as holiday parks, eco resorts and similar applications.


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