Environmental Responsibility

We’re proud to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

No green washing here.

Timberset Homes – Building with environmental responsibility

At Timberset, we’re totally committed to building with environmental responsibility, taking care to minimise our impact through energy efficient design, environmentally friendly materials and sustainable building methods.  It’s a fact, building a Timberset home helps to combat climate change:


We commit to minimising our carbon footprint throughout our building and manufacturing processes, and minimising waste in the factory and on site.

Forests are an important means in combating climate change. Young trees sequest carbon from the atmosphere as they grow and the timber from the tree continues to store carbon throughout its life. About half the weight of timber is carbon, retained until the timber either rots or is burnt through.

Sourced from sustainably managed plantation forests, the timber that goes into building a Timberset homes is moulded to form 45mm thick solid timber structural walls; the main structural component. As such a Timberset home is a carbon sink for life.


We commit to building high quality homes that will last for generations to come, designed to be energy efficient and comfortable to live in.

Whilst other builders struggle to meet minimum building standards and energy ratings, we aim to exceed them. Our unique building system is superior to conventional building in many ways, with solid timber wall planks that interlock to provide a strong and durable structure, whilst our manufacturing process and quality workmanship ensures precise construction. 

As a HIA Greensmart builder we are experts in building energy efficient homes. We know how to match the unique features of our building system with design principles that make the most of the natural attributes of the site, minimising the need for artificial forms of heating and cooling. Superior insulation options provide the potential to reach up to 8 star energy ratings and carefully chosen inclusions help to reduce the overall energy load of the home.


We commit to minimising our carbon footprint throughout our building and manufacturing processes, and minimising waste in the factory and on site.

Timber used in the construction of Timberset homes requires only a small fraction of the energy that otherwise would be consumed in the production of bricks or concrete. At Timberset’s specialist factory timber is moulded and cut to size according to each home’s structural drawings. Homes are then prefabricated in the factory as ‘modules’, transported to site for assembly and final fitout. The factory provides a more controlled environment than building on site, enabling efficiencies of scale and improved utilisation of resources and materials.


The result is a home with a very small carbon footprint.

The carbon stored in our homes typically more than offsets the footprint caused by our construction, processing, transport and embodied energy of our materials. The longevity, healthy attributes and reduced energy burden of a Timberset home provides a remarkably green alternative to building.