Nature knows best

Ever heard of Biophilia?

It sounds like a disease, but it’s not going to make you unwell. In fact it’s quite the opposite. It could be the secret to your wellness, your inspiration, your productivity and your overall happiness.

Bio (nature or life) philia (attraction to) describes our innate attraction to nature. It aims to describe those feelings that are evoked when we take a walk in the forest, peer across the landscape, or take sight of the ocean on a sunny day. It provides an explanation of why we have pets, care for wildlife, or work to preserve our natural environment. We just know we feel better when surrounded by nature. It’s calming, restorative and invigorating.

Other than the lucky few, most of us live in or around bustling cities, dominated by man-made materials, ruled by busy schedules, and overwhelmed by technology. The suburbs keep sprawling, the block sizes are getting smaller and gardens are disappearing. Our modern world is causing us to lose connection with nature and that’s a real shame.

Numerous studies demonstrate the important link between nature and our well-being. Alas biophilic design is gaining momentum, inspiring new ways of integrating natural elements into our homes and workplaces, offering a way to reconnect without even leaving our homes.

Wood is often ‘added’ to buildings for its biophilic value alone, despite it’s many other attributes. This is because it’s so good at helping us feel in touch with nature, lifting our mood, and relieving our stress.

Timberset homes, made of solid timber, provide an atmosphere that’s must be felt to be appreciated. There’s no need to add anything. Just decide aesthetically how much of the timber you want to expose and then enjoy!

Have a look at this article, which helps make sense of Biophilia and how it can help your well-being.

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