Sustainable architecture

Employing the services of an architect  ensures your new home suits your needs and lifestyle. Pick one who specialises in sustainable architecture and you can also be assured your home will be energy efficient, healthy to live in, and kind on the environment.

They’ll consider things like:

Thermal performance

Whilst the minimum required energy rating for new homes in Victoria is 6, the national NatHERS system provides a method for rating homes on a scale of zero to 10, based on energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Location and orientation play a big role, with sustainable design carefully considering the size and placement of windows to allow cross ventilation, shelter from heat in summer, and passive solar benefits during winter.

Eco friendly materials

Heavily industrialised building materials are not usually ECO friendly, so sustainable architecture seeks to integrate materials that are / can be recycled, have low embodied energy, or that can negate their carbon footprint over their life.

Occupant health and well-being is also considered, with preference for low emission finishes such as low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and E0 (low formaldehyde) materials.

Minimising waste

Prefabrication of homes is increasing in popularity because it saves time and cost, but it’s also a sustainable way to build. The sustainable architect will look to avoid building waste and site disturbance, especially when in a sensitive environment.

Typically your architect creates your design, then a builder is commissioned to build it. This can be a long and expensive process. But what if there were affordable ready to go options, combining sustainable design, materials and building methods?

That’s exactly what was achieved when Enduring Domain Architecture joined forces with HIA Greensmart builder Timberset to create the 8 star capable ECO range.

Architecturally designed 1, 2 and 3 bedroom modular floor plans, prefabricated with responsibly sourced plantation timber, with a list of carefully chosen inclusions that truly make these homes sustainable. Stay tuned to learn more about these inclusions.