A Philosophy of Sustainabilty

At Timberset we’re doing something wonderful, special and unique. We truly love timber, and genuinely care for the planet, so our exclusive building system utilises sustainably sourced timber to build beautiful, high performing and environmentally friendly structures.

The Timberset system is perfect for large and small homes, cabinsgranny flats, offices, retreats, outbuildings and even retaining wall panels.

The Savings from Pre-Manufacture

Precise Construction

At Timberset’s specialist factory we precisely machine our unique interlocking timber planks that make up the structural walls of the building. The walls are then transported to the building site, along with any other components, for simple and fast construction.

There is also the option to completely pre-manufacture cabinsgranny flats and  modules of a house/building (up to specific size limits) that can then be quickly assembled together on site. Pre-manufacture and transporting saves on time, saves cost and minimises disturbance to the site.

A new display will be ready soon that will showcase the Timberset Building method.

Faster Build Times

Less delays, waiting for safe and appropriate weather to commence and continue building. Less travel by many trades, meaning a more seamless build process, less trades required to travel to site means more time on the build, and less time in the car.

Limited Waste

Easier reuse of materials in a factory environment means less waste of the life of the build and a reduced amount of rubbish on your building site and nearby environment.

Sustainable Timber Construction

Wood is a remarkable resource. It’s the only truly renewable resource on the planet. It’s versatile, has amazing thermal and sound insulating qualities,  it breathes, absorbing moisture and bacteria, and its natural beauty offers a sense of harmony that is hard to find, especially in amongst the many artificial surfaces of our modern landscape.

Most building materials, such as bricks and cement, take a great deal of energy to create and are hard and heat absorbing. By contrast wood requires a lot less processing (low embodied energy) and is a great insulator. Best of all, timber stores carbon for life. Building a solid timber Timberset home or specialty building is simply the most environmentally friendly way to build.

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Greensmart Accredited Builder


HIA GreenSmart accreditation demonstrates our commitment to sustainable building practices.

Timberset aim to supply and build high performing, energy efficient buildings whilst having a minimal impact on the environment. Our choice of materials, methods of production and waste management practices set us apart. We encourage integration of passive solar design principles and sustainable living practices to be kind to the environment and help you to build a comfortable home that is cheap to run.

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Greensmart Accreditation

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A proven system for over 30 years

Timberset homes have been built all around Australia for over thirty years, with particular success in cold climates. It’s a proven system, compliant with the National Building Code.

Coupled with the natural insulating qualities of 45mm thick interlocking timber planks, the Timberset thermal wall structure has been developed to provide a minimum of R2.7 rating. Ceilings are insulated with a minimum of R3.5 rated insulation and our standard floor is rated to R3. High energy ratings are possible, especially if the dwelling is oriented on the block to embrace passive solar benefits. Increased performance is available by upgrading wall, floor and ceiling insulation materials. Timberset also recommends double glazed windows to improve insulation and overcome condensation.

What’s more, you can add any type of cladding to the exterior of your Timberset home, so you can create a house that stands out from the crowd.  We recommend the Weathertex range of products for their green credentials, variety of finishes, long life and ease of maintenance. They also rate up to BAL 29.

Internally the exposed timber is a great feature of our homes and buildings. This provides a harmonious environment that has proven physical and mental health benefits. We think you’ll also love some of our inspired decorating styles that are modern and earthy.

The Timberset building system not only looks great, but looks after you and the planet.